Our Prefabs

Essentially, prefab homes are homes that are constructed in our manufacturing facility before being shipped to the building site in pieces, where they’re then assembled on-site. This reduces delays and construction costs as well as waste while significantly improving the quality of construction. Our prefab home thus can be constructed within half the time it usually takes to build a conventional house. So not only do we offer fixed time frames and fixed costs on the building process but also luxury homes of a quality and finish that far surpass conventional construction. However, this does not mean that they cannot be customised. There are no design limitations on our prehab homes and we cater to every requirement, aesthetic and sensibility that befits the next generation of modern homes.


Green and sustainable

Our prefab homes minimize the negative impact on environment through the efficient use of materials and energy. We are committed to building homes that reduce their "ecological footprint" with respect to the resources used in their construction and operation. Homes built using traditional methods can be extremely resource intensive. In contrast, our homes use sustainable building materials, as well as energy-efficient environmental systems and products.

Safe and sound

Our homes are resistant to disasters such as fires, earthquakes and hurricanes due to the strength and non-combustible qualities of the streel frames we use. Our homes are designed to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications anywhere in the country.

Weather proof

Our designs incorporate high standards of insulation on the walls, ceilings and windows and doors. So you home is warm in winter and cool in summer while also insulating the interior from air and noise pollution.

Healthy and termite free

Our homes use sustainable, healthier building materials that contribute to cleaner water, air and soil; they are also termite free

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